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Reaching Nirvana is a direct 2D platformer plagued of spikes, saws and other lethal enemies which serve Uncle Clive. He is destroying old 8 bit video game cassettes. It is your mission to retrieve them over 150 stages.

You have just a few seconds per stage to collect all the tapes and reach the exit to the next level. Player must run, jump, double-jump and wall-jump to the goal.

Come on! Preserve 80s video game´s legacy before is too late!

Key Features

  • 150 unique levels.
  • Infinite lives. Fast respawn.
  • Addictive challenging difficulty. (NG+ unlocked too.)
  • Two difficulty levels.
  • 60 FPS, 3D Sound effects
  • One-handed control if you like it.
  • Left and right-handed controls.
  • Collectables
  • Cartoon blood optional. Mild violence.

Platform: PC Windows
Genre: Platformer
Mode: Single-player
Language: English
Publication date: 02/2018 (CC) Freeware!


        Movement: Arrow keys Left and Right  or  'A' and 'D'
        Jump: Arrow Key Up  or  Control Key  or  'W'  or  Space bar.
    F1: Switch screen size. (Window/Full Screen)
    ESC: Return to main menu
    F12: Retry level
    P: Pause
    H: Help (Controls reminder)

        Movement: Left Stick
        Jump: 'A' button
        Return to main menu: 'Y' button
        Retry Level: Back button
        Pause: Start button.


Created and developed by Rassbit (CC) BY-NC-ND


Music: (CC)

Chiptune Lead 2 (loop) by robosocks

Chip'n Chill by zippe6
Champ by johnfn
Happy Ending by UDRC
Fantasy by Adam Bartha
Disconnection by DuttonsaysHi
Technotris-8bit by AlxEllis Pixelated-Insanity by Error104
Bahia Funk by bryce
Enemy Destroyer by neocrey
Lost-Age by N3Z-3
Happy Ending by RealFaction

Chromatic Effect by NickWest


ReachingNirvana_v1_4_1.exe 55 MB
ReachingNirvana DVD-cover.png 1 MB

Development log


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Died quite a bit BUT... the path to Nirvana requires sacrifice. :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

Thanks for your video review.  And remember: falling off an edge consumes first jump!

Didn't know that, thank you. :) I'm glad you like the video. 


By the way. Yes, there are several more "survival stages" and different enemies and interactive stuff (fans, conveyors, moving platforms, etc.) a few stages ahead of the point where you left it.

I updated the game emphazising the double jump mechanic on the third stage. So thanks again for giving me that feedback.

Finally. Hard mode difficulty is more challenging for experienced players. I made a "normal mode" to make the game more accesible with a soft difficulty curve.

Glad I could help. I need to play more to see the next enemies. On Normal mode cause.. well, I die a lot.